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 Snipers League !!

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2 posters

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Snipers League !! Empty
PostSubject: Snipers League !!   Snipers League !! Icon_minitimeMon Apr 08, 2013 1:44 pm

Hello guys,
I'm from a sniper clan [ISS] and we are managing to organize a Snipers League, a championship where different teams can have fun sniping (in a sniper only mod).

We are asking to some clans if they are interested and we are receiving some confirmations. More we are and more matches can be scheduled and more the competition grows up.

The way we intend to organize this league is simple and flexible and, mainly, it involves all the participating teams who have to decide together how the league will run.

I invite you on looking dedicated forum (in the welcome page there are some guidelines)
and visit our server where is mounted the gaming mod.
Our server can be used for the league but all the teams can use theirs if they want to.

What do you think? Could you be intersted?

Tell me if you have any doubts Smile


my xfire: snipervendetta
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LT Harley Davidson
Web Site
LT Harley Davidson

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Snipers League !! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Snipers League !!   Snipers League !! Icon_minitimeMon Apr 08, 2013 7:07 pm

Hey welcome Vendetta...

What are you using for your snipe server? COD4? We are looking at getting another server up and running soon, and we would have it modded as well. Once we get some more players involved, I'm sure we would be interested.

Also, if you could, place a link to us on your site, and we will do the same. Check our post here:

If you decide to do this, let me know so we can get your link posted here on the Portal page.


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Posts : 2
Site Cash : 6000
Join date : 2013-04-08

Snipers League !! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Snipers League !!   Snipers League !! Icon_minitimeTue Apr 09, 2013 4:21 am

We are running a COD 4 server atm where a homemade (by a clanmate) Mod is installed. You can see that in our server --->

If I understood well, you are maybe able to find a team to play in the league? Very Happy That would be cool

About the banner, you can see the forum for the moment is a bit bare and no banner are on it. I will talk with others about that anyway Smile

see you
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Snipers League !! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Snipers League !!   Snipers League !! Icon_minitime

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Snipers League !!
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