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A Little About Us...
Celebrating our 10th Anniversary! Established in 2005, {AOW} All Out War is a USA based PC clan with International members. We have built the clan on pride, respect, honesty and a cheat free environment. We play the Call of Duty series of games almost exclusively.

Our clan is currently expanding and we are looking for some new friends to join us. Membership has it's benefits! You would become part of this elite group and it also earns you the right to wear the legendary {AOW} tags wherever you play...

So if you're looking for a clan that you can call home look no further! Just register on the site and then fill out a clan application to get the ball rolling! Click HERE for the application, and follow the instructions. Registering on the site is not the same as filling out a clan application.
Server & Site Rules
1) There is NO swearing in our servers or on our site.
• F-bombs are an immediate BAN.

2) There will be NO disrespect towards any player.

3) Racial, Political, Sexual or Religious insults / comments will result in a BAN.

4) Listen to the Server Admins.
• Not listening when issued warnings, or arguing with an Admin could result in a BAN.

5) No Blatant spawn killing
• You know who you are AND what you are doing.

6. NO cheating / hacking. There is ZERO tolerance for this and you will be BANNED.
• No map exploitation either.
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